Kolumbija LTD

Delivery of fresh fish

The company mainly process fishes caught in the Baltic Seasprats, herrings, cod and flounder, which allows always having fresh fish for manufacturing. A 200 meter long pier makes it significantly easier for the fishermen to hand over the caught fishes. Main fish suppliers are fishermen from Liepaja and Ventspils.


Cooling and freezing department


20 meters away from the pier is our modern deep-freezer. There is possible to freeze up to 40 tons of quality raw fish. There are powerful cold chambers for the fish storage, which allows storage fish at any needed temperature. There are special chambers for the fresh fish storage.

All this allows ensuring constant availability and quality of the necessary raw materials for the manufacture. The most important is that our production is delivered to our customer on time and always at high quality.

We are not depending on the weather in the sea!